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Experience speaks for itself, and being a taxidermist is no exception.


Markus has traveled to many parts of the world, seeing animals in their natural habitats.


Markus and his team's attention to detail does a trophy species justice.


The team at Downunder Taxidermy Studio has the experience and skillset to masterfully complete every piece.


Every trophy we mount is a work of art. Your mount is built with an emphasis on symmetry, detail, and overall durability for an authentic and realistic representation of the animal you hunted in its natural habitat if so desired, depending on the mount chosen.

Taxidermist Services

At Downunder Taxidermy Studio our reputation has been built on high quality workmanship, reliability, and affordability.


In South East Queensland we offer Red Deer Hunting. We have Red Deer Hunting Packages during the roar. 

In North Queensland we offer Chital - Axis axis Deer Hunting Safaris.

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Australia's Finest Quality Taxidermy Studio

Downunder Taxidermy Studio is the Australian and international solution for all your taxidermy requirements.

What Our Customers Say

Markus and the Team at Down Under Taxidermy Studio and Hunting do exceptional work bringing realism and life back into your hard earned trophies, the attention to detail is amazing.

Darryl Bulger

For quite a few years now I have put my trust in Markus and the team at Downunder Taxidermy Studio.


I place a lot of importance on my taxidermy mounts, for they are the most precious of mementos alongside the memories following hunts in faraway places.

Ben Salleras

I have hunted in many parts of the world and seen some high quality taxidermy in places such as the Canada, Namibia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, USA and Australia.


I have no doubt that Markus’ work rates as highly as the best of them.

Mick Chapman


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