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Chital Deer Hunting Queensland


Chital deer hunting country in tropical Far North Queensland can be described as harsh and dry or lush depending of the season and the time of the year.


Chital deer are herbivores that browse on a variety of grasses, fruit and leaves and require a constant source of water to survive. 


Chital Deer were released in the 1860's, North of Charters Towers Qld near the Burdekin River.


Chital deer, are arguably the most attractive of all the deer in Australia.

Chital Deer Safari Outfitter, Markus hunts on some of the most picturesque and best Chital Stag hunting country, right in the heart of the North Queensland, Australia.

We offer exceptional Chital - (AKA as Axis axis Deer) safari hunting in tropical North Queensland with guided free range bow & rifle chital hunting packages.


Cost of a guided Queensland Chital Deer hunt which includes the trophy fee is P.O.A. - Small Group hunts are available, contact Markus for dates.

Contact Markus today to discuss booking a chital deer hunt.


Chital Deer Hunting in Queensland can be described with one word: "rewarding". 


From South to North, and East to West Queensland has a rich and diverse array of habitat and game species. 


Chital Deer AKA Axis Deer hunting heritage runs deep in Queensland and is a much desired Australian deer species.

We have a good success rate for shot opportunities for Chital - Axis Deer Safaris book now for 2021 and 2022.

Markus is also a Taxidermist with many year of experience and can put together a complete hunting package that includes your taxidermy.

Queensland deer hunting safari packages and adventure opportunities await you in North Queensland.


Book with Downunder Chital Deer Hunting Safaris - Outfitter, Guide, Taxidermist Markus Michalowitz.

People also ask, where can I hunt Chital Deer? There are quite a few States and locations in Australia that have Chital deer, but the most popular Chital deer hunting location is North Queensland.

The next question people ask is how do you hunt Chital deer? The answer can vary greatly. Experienced hunters all have different methods that work well for them. But if your new or haven't hunted Chital before and depending on whether its archery or rifle or even muzzle loader, methods can vary.


In saying methods can vary - some things don't... like the norm... preparation of your hunting equipment the afternoon before you start your hunt. Having all your gear ready when the alarm goes off or your guide wakes you.


Headlamp at the ready, small back pack with water and a snacks, knife, binoculars, compass or GPS, camera or ph on silent, spare ammo or arrows, comfortable broken in boots or sneakers. Dressing for the conditions, as it will generally be very cold in the mornings and then it will warm up very quickly.  So the ability to quickly and quietly remove a jacket is typical.


You are up before light for a quick tea or coffee and a snack before heading out to a location is normal for most deer hunts. The same applies around 2-3pm for an afternoon hunt till shooting light is gone. Your hunting guide will work with you to give you the best opportunity to get you onto a Chital stag.

We have some great land to hunt on, so dry and wet water courses, channels and dams are popular a location to find Chital deer. The edges of thick bush also can provide quick opportunities as well or a well planned ambush from a concealed location or tree stand.


Hunting on foot with slow and steady steps, careful not to break twigs and you're constantly stopping to glass for Chital is also a popular and proven method.

Other methods for hunting Chital deer can involve scouting in your 4WD until you spot a lone Chital stag or a small group and plan a stalk from a distance, this style can work extremely well too. 

Make sure your rifle is sighted in one inch high at a 100 yards. Chital hunting with a rifle, we usually get a shot between 50 - 150 yards to 200 yards.

Archery hunting is of course the most challenging as most shots are 30-50 yards, so practice practice.

Other names Chital deer are known for or called... Chital, also called Spotted Deer, or Axis Deer, (Cervus axis, sometimes Axis axis), Asiatic deer, belonging to the family Cervidae (order Artiodactyla).


Chital Deer are not native to Australia, they are from India and Sri Lanka originally... in herds of up to 100 or more. Chital deer stands at 90–95 cm (35–37 inches) at the shoulder.

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