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Chital Stag Adventure

In June 2021 we headed too Far North Queensland to meet up with our clients and friends Rob Templer, Shane Pepperell and John Hossack.

Congratulation On Your Successful Chita Stag Hunt.
John Hossack 50 Cal Muzzle Loader Chital Stag Hunt
Wild Boar Hunt With Downunder Taxidermy & Hunting Safaris
Congrats John... A Great Boar
Rob Templer - Chital Stag Taken With His 243
Congratulation Rob...

Rob wrote a short account of his adventure... After a year and half of Covid related travel restrictions I was delighted to be able to hunt Chital Stags on Markus Markus Michalowitz Chital hunting concession in Nth QLD.

Two days I hunted with several close encounters but no success. Finally on the last afternoon of the last day of the hunt I hatched a plan to be already out on the large marsh flats in position before the deer fed out for the afternoon.

As the sun sunk to the horizon at 5.30 PM, I knew they would be coming in the next 30 minutes or not at all. The wind was gusting back and forth quite unfavourably but I hoped I would at least spot some deer before they winded me. Finally, a few Chital could be seen leaving the tree line and feeding onto the flats.

After a few minutes it became clear that unlike the previous days they were not feeding out towards me and I was losing shooting light fast. The plan was changed and instead of my ambush I had to break cover and crouch run and then Indian crawl the last 200 meters to a small mound that should put me in shooting range.

After arriving and panning my binos around the few deer had morphed into a herd of 50 or more. Almost dark now with just five minutes of shooting light left I picked out the only stag in the herd. He looked ok and after ranging him at 208 yards I waited from him to lift his head.

Crack went the .243 followed by the thump of a hard hit. In the near dark I made way over and after a few nervous moments found a lovely Chital Stag piled up, shot though the heart. An end to a memorable hunt with some great friends and a worthy game animal species.


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