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For over 3 decades now Markus and his team from Downunder Taxidermy Studio & Hunting Guides has completed many works of art for hunters, here are 3 of recent testimonials...

For quite a few years now I have put my trust in Markus and the team at Downunder Taxidermy Studio. I place a lot of importance on my taxidermy mounts, for they are the most precious of mementos alongside the memories following hunts in faraway places.

It's an incredible feeling being reunited with a trophy, and this is amplified considerably when the taxidermy artwork is beyond expectation. This is the feeling I have had each and every time I've picked up a mount from Downunder Taxidermy Studio - every single time I have been more than thrilled with the end result.

Markus and his team have done much more for me than what could ever normally be expected from a taxidermist - they have repeatedly gone above and beyond in terms of not only the workmanship and service, but to securing difficult-to-obtain capes to replace lost ones, and always going that extra mile to get the absolute best result.

I look forward to working with the team at Down Under Taxidermy for as long as I'm still hunting!

Ben Salleras

Ben Salleras Testimonial For Downunder Taxidermy Studio Queensland Australia

I met Markus some twenty odd years ago when I first arrived in Gympie. Markus, at the time Markus was on the committee of the local branch of the ADA. Around this time, Markus began dabbling into the world of Taxidermy, having completed a couple of heads for himself and his family. For an out and out beginner Markus showed a high degree of potential.

Markus’ willingness to listen and learn from the best saw his taxidermy work improve quickly and dramatically. With an eye for detail and artistic flare and dedication to suppling the customer with the best trophy he can produce saw Markus become a standout in the field of Taxidermy.

I have hunted in many parts of the world and seen some real high quality taxidermy in places such as Canada, Namibia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, USA and Australia. I have no doubt that Markus’ work rates as highly as the best of them.

Mick Chapman

Mick Chapman Testimonial - Review Downunder Taxidermy Studio Queensland Australia

Markus and the Team at Down Under Taxidermy Studio and Hunting do exceptional work bringing realism and life back into your hard earnt trophies, the attention to detail is amazing.

A finished mount will give you a trophy that will last a life time . I wouldn't hesitate recommending Markus and his Professional Team.

Darryl Bulger

Darryl Bulger Testimonial - Review Downunder Taxidermy Studio Queensland Australia


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